Friday, April 29, 2011

Vaudiosonic - 01 - Apollo Change! - April 18 2011

This is a new podcast series I want to try doing as an independent thing. It's not heavily scheduled, and it's about me and some people I know talking about something we all dig. I've bought a Libsyn account but will also be posting episodes to Blip if I can get them shared on TGWTG.

Click here for the episode page on LibSyn, with a link to a direct download of the m4a file!

And if you really need an mp3 version of somewhat lower quality, it should be downloadable from here.


  1. I hope more come! Long and opinionated, made for good listening.

  2. This was amazing to listen to on Thatguywiththeglasses. But I haven't got an account on there (can't justify myself to join in commenting), but this was 2 hours of amazing talk! Loved it! I grew up with tokusatsu since I was small (Original Ultraman)! Kamen Rider has been a side thing for me but i loved Faiz and Kabuto. Haven't checked out the newer ones yet nor have I finished Blade.. but I will get on that soon!

    Would also like to thank you for the mentions for Sub Groups! Some of them I didn't know existed and I will get it down now!

    I really think you should try out Ultraman Nexus and Ultraman Mebius tv series as they seem to encompass what you were talking about in your podcast.

    Thanks Vangelus!
    Awesome toy reviews and shows all around youtube and Tgwtg!

  3. Not bad as someone who's been watching Toku for 10 years & in the fan subbing for 8 you'll did a good job!!

  4. Thank you all! I just realized I forgot to list Fansub link URLs but it seems people are simply googling them up, hehe.

    I did start watching Nexus and have been meaning to get back to it, whenever I finish that I'll try to check out Mebius.

  5. Just throwing out there to try out some of the smaller modern Toku like the Chouseishin Series (Which has small continuity with Godzilla), Tomica Heroes, & Lion Maru G.