Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Changes

'Daily Changes'

My second Art106 video project. The outline for this assignment was as follows:

"Self investigation 2 : Transformation of yourself Final Cut project
You must have had many moments of your life in which you experience or desire to transform. Create a video of this transformation by using yourself as material. This transformation can be literal, metaphorical, psychological, etc. Tell us who you are. Your life story. Your fantasy and reality.
Your video consists of image and audio."

The gist of the video is the exhibition of the various transformations I undergo in day-to-day life. The real me who wakes up and goes to sleep, the confident me who takes the stage for business and entertaining others, and the helpful me who coaches and advises anybody but myself.

There were going to be others (confident me is a mix of what I am when I work, and what I am when I make videos, act, or DJ) but I wanted to keep the video punchy and shorter.

It's a very self-centred and perhaps pretentious piece, but I figure I have balanced that out somewhat by mocking myself through the content of the video. :D

There were a lot of other great projects done for this assignment, and I hope some of the others upload their creations somewhere too. It all deserves a spot on the web.

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