Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fansproject - May 2009

There's drama!

Read the OVER 1000 POSTS OF LOL here!

I've gotten stirrings that some people want to know how much I'm going to turn around and start bagging on Fansproject after all my positive feedback on them at TFcon.

To you, I say: lol

This whole thing honestly doesn't make me angry. I tried really hard! But alas, I couldn't work up the rages. The only important thing that I feel is worth noting out of all of this, is that Fansproject have screwed up and really tarnished their reputation as far as exclusive/limited runs and commissions go.

They still make tres cool shiz. And I still like a lot of it. So I'm sorry to say that if I get a G3 Trailer and feel it's a good piece of garage kit, I'm going to say so.

If you're angry enough to eat FP's children and BOYCOTT THEM FOREVER!!! that's all cool and stuff, and if you're whiteknighting as hard as you can for beloved and wonderous FP that's all cool and stuff, but I hope neither of you hypothetical extremes mind too much when I mock your guys' epic thread up there. :)

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